Produced at our own mill, Ylla oil is distinguished by its purity
Since1873 we have continued to use the same processes and the same care in the selection of the source olives, taking all the time necessary for its slow production
When tradition and quality go hand in hand


The Denomination of Origin Protected Oil of the Empordà ensures the quality of olive oil produced in the two counties of Empordà and in some municipalities of the Pla de l’Estany and El Gironès. It is a certification promoted by the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Action of the Generalitat de Catalunya and endorsed by the efforts of farmers and oil mills.
The protected oil with the Denomination of Origin Protected Oil of the Empordà is made with olives from the varieties Argudell, Corivell, Verdal and Arbequina.
The oils are transparent, very pleasing to the palate, very tasty and aromatic, they are slightly astringent oils with a bitterness and a spicy in perfect balance. Intense fruity and remarkable aromatic complexity.

Alt Empordà is Tramuntana, it’s sea and mountain, and it’s also oil!