Produced at our own mill, Ylla oil is distinguished by its purity
Since1873 we have continued to use the same processes and the same care in the selection of the source olives, taking all the time necessary for its slow production
When tradition and quality go hand in hand


The best-before date of virgin olive oil is one year after the date of packaging, since it loses taste and aromas over time.  Virgin olive oil must be especially protected  from heat and light to prevent it from becoming stale.
It must be borne in mind that oil is a living product and therefore it changes over time – the colour goes from yellowish green to yellow-gold and its aromatic intensity is reduced.
It should also be taken into account that below 7ºC, oil begins to freeze, a natural fact that does not involve any alteration.
Olive oil needs basic care measures in its storage so that all its qualities can be preserved. Unlike wine, which is also a living product, oil does not improve over time, so it should be consumed and not stored for a long time. A container should never be filled with new oil if it contains traces of another oil, as it could become stale. Olive oil must be protected from air, light, heat and humidity. It must be properly closed and kept at room temperature; a suitable temperature is 20ºC. Direct light affects it considerably. For this reason the best oils are packed in dark glass bottles. If oil becomes thickened or solidified due to excess cold, just leave it in a suitable place to return to its normal state.