Produced at our own mill, Ylla oil is distinguished by its purity
Since1873 we have continued to use the same processes and the same care in the selection of the source olives, taking all the time necessary for its slow production
When tradition and quality go hand in hand

The family


A long history is associated with the family company Trull Ylla. The oldest written references to the current mill in Cabanes go back to 26 November 1873, found in a booklet in which Andreu Brugat, an ancestor of the family, recorded the kilograms of olives (formerly called “quildas” of olives) brought to him by the peasants to produce oil. So after five generations and with over 140 years of experience in the olive oil business, with the mill being the oldest in operation in the region, it is today the leader in the Empordà olive oil industry.

Interesting fact:

The grandmother of former President Jordi Pujol was born at the mill.