Produced at our own mill, Ylla oil is distinguished by its purity
Since1873 we have continued to use the same processes and the same care in the selection of the source olives, taking all the time necessary for its slow production
When tradition and quality go hand in hand



We are a small family business that was founded in Cabanes.
Cabanes is a small town of about 900 inhabitants that is located right in the centre of the Empordà plain between two rivers, the Muga and the Llobregat. This has given us very fertile lands, so that the population is mostly agricultural. Being between two rivers, the town is in easily-floodable terrain and for that reason we have been nicknamed “potamolls” (wet feet).
It is believed that Cabanes was founded in Roman times, but this has never been confirmed. The first document found that mentions Cabanes (“Chabannes”) dates from 829 when the town belonged to the county of Peralada.